Pine Grove Cemetery

Entrance of Pine Grove Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery May 2016

Emerson Cemetery

Trees and Tombs in Emersion Cemetery
Emerson Cemetery May 2016


If you are interested in purchasing a lot(s) or have other questions, please contact the township clerk (information below).

If you know of a veteran's plot that does not have a flag on it, please contact me with further information and we will make

sure to get one there.

Jodie Reeves, Emerson Township Clerk at 989-763-1405 and leave a message.

Cemetery Rules: All artificial decorations must be in a secure container with drainage holes.  Thorn-bearing plants and glass containers are not allowed.

All artificial flowers will be removed from November 1-December 1. All artificial flowers and grave blankets will be removed from March 15-April 1.

Rates for Grave Openings/ Foundations

Cremains are $175, an extra $50 for winter openings ($225), and an additional $100 for Sunday and holidays ($325). No extra charges for burying multiple ashes at the same time.

Full burial is $500, an extra $100 for winter openings ($600) and an additional $100 for Sunday and holidays ($700).

Foundations for headstones are $0.34 per square inch with $80 minimum charge. Extra $50 if done immediately when sexton does not have other foundations to do at the same time.

No charge to meet families at cemetery to answer any questions.

Tombs in Pine Grove Cemetery
Tombs in Emersion Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery

Lot Rates at Pine Grove Cemetery

Full lot equals 5 caskets (or 8 cremains) - $100 for township
residents/$400 for non-residents.

½ lot equal 2 caskets (or 4 cremains).

Lot Availablity in Emerson Cemetery

Lots are no longer for sale in Emerson Cemetery.

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